OSARO SightWorks Vision Software Now Available for Systems Integrators, 3PLs, and E-Commerce Fulfillment Operators

OSARO’s advanced machine-learning vision software enables robots to take on new roles across the warehouse that require precise visual perception and placement, such as depalletization, piece-picking with AMR/ASRS, kitting, and induction.

2023-06-08 11:30 출처: OSARO Inc

SAN FRANCISCO--(뉴스와이어)--OSARO®, a global leader in machine-learning-enabled robotics for e-commerce, announced that OSARO SightWorks™, its advanced vision software for picking, depalletizing, induction, kitting, and other automated functions, is now available to integrators and third-party logistics companies (3PLs) that design and build custom systems for fulfillment operations. This move empowers solutions providers to deliver systems with new capabilities that enhance productivity for clients. It also significantly expands the reach of OSARO in the fast-growing e-commerce sector.

OSARO SightWorks enables robots to see, perceive, grasp, and perform tasks previously done solely by humans who work on busy and often dangerous e-commerce fulfillment stations. The powerful combination of OSARO’s vision software and an array of associated sensor and camera technology provides the foundation for a wide variety of systems, in addition to the end-to-end kitting, bagging, induction, and piece-picking systems already offered by OSARO.

Already in use by top automation solution providers

OSARO SightWorks has already been adopted by some of the industry’s top integrators and robotics solution providers, including Robotica, Mission Design and Automation, IHI, LG CNS, and Innotech, to name a few. “Systems integrators, 3PLs, and other partners now have the flexibility to create new solutions using components they define in collaboration with their customers,” said OSARO CEO Derik Pridmore.

“We’ve found OSARO’s vision software to be superior to anything else we have seen in machine-learning vision,” said Jay Dugat, CEO of automation OEM Robotica Inc. “We needed an automated depalletizing function to complete an end-to-end offering for our decanting technology. Our DePal™ product, powered by OSARO, handles mixed pallets and will directly deploy our ABOT® box opening technology, providing an automated turnkey solution. OSARO was chosen after a hands-on evaluation of various solutions. We went with OSARO because of less sensitivity to variance in ambient lighting and the ability to distinguish challenging packages with high confidence.”

In depalletization, for example, OSARO’s robot is able to recognize and handle not only mixed cases, but recognize foreign objects, such as box cutters or tape dispensers, on boxes stacked on a pallet. The system knows to stop and alarm until the items are removed. The same is true for damaged boxes that might break open if lifted. OSARO robots are equipped to recognize these dynamic situations. Moreover, OSARO’s API, based on REST, is easy to work with as the robot is integrated with other systems in the warehouse such as conveyors or decanting equipment.

Mission Design and Automation, a U.S. automation systems integrator, is currently implementing a robotic kitting project using OSARO vision software. “SightWorks is a key component for any robotic piece-picking system, not only for the kitting function but as a solution for a variety of automation system applications in the future,” said Mission Vice President Ryan Lillibridge. “The OSARO team has been great to work with throughout the deployment process. OSARO’s fast and easily trained AI model allows new product introduction very quickly, and their powerful API allows for easy integration to a complete turn-key automation system.”

Innotech, a Japanese integrator, is using SightWorks in production for a pharmaceutical tube and capping function. Likewise, global integrator IHI has committed to SightWorks licenses to deploy OSARO vision in a depalletizing system for a retail store chain in Japan.

LG CNS, a company specializing in digital transformation (DX), demonstrated OSARO’s advanced robot software on AMR/ASRS products at the Smart Factory + Automation World trade show held in Seoul last March. OSARO's vision software easily interfaced with LG CNS’ smart logistics robot platform to pick up retail items such as tea boxes and snack packages and deliver them to mobile robots or storage systems that transport products downstream for processing.

“Forward-looking warehouse and fulfillment operators need reliable robotics systems to take on these manual tasks, and this represents an enormous business opportunity. An OSARO-equipped robot can perform tasks in multiple function areas, and with OSARO SightWorks, any systems integrator can now add ‘the OSARO difference’ to their 3PL, warehousing, and logistics projects,” said Pridmore.

Why use OSARO SightWorks software?

· Delivers smarter vision. Superior machine-learning-driven vision gives the robot greater intelligence to recognize objects, take appropriate action, and place objects with precision.

· Ensures interoperability. Integrates reliably with other warehouse automation technologies using OSARO’s modular RESTful API.

· Builds in tracking. Tracks performance: built-in monitoring assesses and optimizes performance after installation.

· Shortens cycle time: OSARO’s superior vision capabilities shorten order cycle time to speed delivery and improve order accuracy.

· Eases labor issues. Addresses labor shortages and boosts production without adding headcount: complements and enhances existing systems with reliable vision so that they can perform 24/7—without training, breaks, injuries, or overtime.

· Lowers risk. Upfront assessments and multiple pricing options, including robot-as-a-service (RaaS), lower the risk of every project.

· Provides end-to-end Hypercare support. OSARO’s team of engineers and Hypercare customer support managers provides rigorous pre-deployment planning, clear documentation, and continuous technical solutions for project implementation.

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OSARO delivers best-in-class robotic piece-picking solutions for e-commerce where key challenges include high SKU inventories, complex packaging, and fragile items. In the rapidly evolving world of logistics technology, OSARO offers smarter automation, low-risk business plans, and its signature Hypercare support from concept exploration to onsite installation. OSARO’s intelligent robots enable goods-to-robot (G2R) use cases, where the greatest gains are yet to be made on the automated warehouse floor. Its machine-learning vision and control software provides the foundation for all its products. For more information, visit osaro.com.

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